An orthoptist is a highly qualified university trained professional who assists the ophthalmologist (eye doctor) in evaluating and diagnosing eye conditions.

You will be first seen by one of our experienced orthoptists: initial discussion will be undertaken with regard to the reason of your visit, your complaint, your general medical history, medications, allergies, and family history.

Then your visual acuity will be tested, followed by measuring your eye pressure. More tests may be undertaken depending on your case. These may include a visual field test, OCT test to measure your retina and optic nerve, photos of different parts of your eye, ultrasound or others. You most likely will receive eye drops to dilate your pupil before returning to the waiting room to allow time for the drops to take effect. You will notice that your vision will become somewhat blurry after 10 minutes or so.

This is the second part of your visit. Your eye doctor will then perform a full examination of all parts of your eyes using a magnifying instrument “Slit Lamp” which allows thorough examination of the anterior (front) and posterior (back) parts of the eye.

The doctor may also conduct more examinations or order more tests to be done during the same visit. Otherwise you may have to undertake other tests outside the practice such as blood tests, CT scan etc.

At the conclusion of the examination, your eye doctor will reach a diagnosis most of the time. Treatment options will be discussed, these may include using drops, undergoing procedures such as laser, injections, or surgery. A diagnosis may not be possible on the first visit and more tests or consultations may then be advised.

Our ophthalmologist will send a letter to the referring doctor or optometrist detailing their findings and plan of action.

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