Patient Information

In order to help us provide best level of care and service, we ask if you could please bring the following to your appointment:

  • A current and valid referral.
  • Your current glasses.
  • Your Medicare card or Department of Veterans Affairs card, Private insurance card, other cards such as Pension or Health Care Card.
  • A list of all information about your medical history, any significant health problems or previous operations.
  • A list of all current medications, including eye drops, injections or tablets.
  • A list of all allergies to all medications.
  • Details of relevant family history.

*Please allow 90 – 120 minutes for your appointment. Extra time may be required if further diagnostic tests or minor procedures are performed on the day.

*We recommend you have a driver/ carer with you as your vision may be blurred from dilating eye drops.


  • Pensioners are charged a reduced fee.
  • Full payment of consultation fees is due on the visit day.
  • Diagnostic Tests and Minor Procedures: These may be required by your ophthalmologist on the day and offer immediate treatment and management of your condition. Additional fees are charged for these tests and procedures. Some of these fees are not claimable from Medicare. We will endeavour to inform you of these fees on the day. Please ask our staff if you would like more information on these costs at the time they are being performed.

Surgery Quotes: We will provide a full estimation of costs and details for all surgery bookings.

Privacy Statement: We endeavour to provide you with optimal medical care. This requires us to collect your personal and health information. Please read the full privacy policy here.